Subsequent to the most recent Scottish Government ‘easing’ of restrictions and RYA advice to registered Training Centre’s we are now in a position to offer some limited good news to those looking to book course.
The RYA has recently stated that it does not consider that accommodation in vessels used for the RYA Yachtmaster Scheme is suitable for overnight stays of more than two households.  In this context our instructor constitutes one household.  The RYA is therefore allowing us to run any of the syllabus within the scheme on a non-residential basis ie daysailing.
Unfortunately this means that we will be unable to offer places to individuals this season.  As per RYA guidance we can run residential courses with up to two households ie one household and the Instructor for the foreseeable future.  The other option is to undertake the course through day sailing over six days but we could only offer a course to a maximum of two households, the skipper being the third household.  Minimum participant numbers three, maximum four in both scenarios.  The Day Sail option is only really practicable for those who live within daily travel distance as any holiday accommodation here is being booked up rapidly it may not be possible to secure accomodation.
If you would like to book a course and you have a household group of no more than four please get in touch.   We now have a very limited range of dates left  towards the end of our season.
As there is not much of the season left post July we will not be reviewing this position in light of any further Government relaxation.