St Kilda and/or Outer Hebrides Cruise

7th to 13th July 2019

Double cabin aft (2 persons sharing) £800 per person

A cruise starting and ending in Badachro. Sailing out to the fabled island of St. Kilda.

A trip out to the iconic Island of Saint Kilda, the furthest west outpost of the British Isles with its history and abundant bird life. Leaving from Badachro ideally we would head West towards the Outer Hebrides taking in the Shiant Islands before heading out to the Atlantic through the Sound of Harris. A stop in either Leverburgh or the Isle of Taransay may be necessary before pointing the boat for St Kilda.

This is of course given the weather conditions for this to be viable, about 1 in 3 attempts to sail to St Kilda in a specific time window fail. This itinerary is completely weather dependent however the aim will be to get to St Kilda and anchor in Village Bay allowing you to get ashore and explore the island. Failing that the intention would be to cruise the East Coast of the Outer Hebrides taking in some of the beautiful secluded anchorages available as we head North up the coast of Harris or South along the coast of the Uist’s, we also have the option to circumnavigate Skye.

On this cruise the boat will be catered. We will however plan to eat ashore on two evenings, these meals are not included in the cost.

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